Strategic Planning

Customized strategies tailored to your goals

How Do You Measure Great Strategy?

Strong ROI is a good place to start. High donor conversion rates with low CPA’s are also highly prized. Continually increasing the active file size is never frowned upon.

But strategy is more than tactical proficiency. It is vision, creativity, and a thirst to constantly improve on the last success or learning opportunity. At Further, we believe that while business needs may fluctuate frequently, but the strategic vision and playbook we design for each client is best measured by the net revenue growth trajectory over a 3-year period or longer.

We work with your organization to identify whom you need to connect with, where to allocate your resources, and how to measure your success.

Every program is unique and that’s why our approach of being Driven by Data, Powered by People TM will allow you to go one step further… beyond your competition or your boss’s expectations.

Further is full of smart, strategic thinkers who understand the opportunities and limitations of technology but always keep the donor at the heart of the conversation. We’ve made it a point to hire both inside and outside of the non-profit industry to ensure that we remain top-class innovators as well as deeply experienced fundraisers. It’s a powerful combination!

From accurate expense and revenue budgeting, to driving cross-channel message alignment, to developing an annual fundraising roadmap, to introducing new fundraising channels against a rigorous testing schema, Further will help you build a plan that excites you and balances short-term revenue needs against an appetite for learning that will foster long-term scalability and growth.

Want a second set of eyes on your strategy for this year?

We tapped into Further’s expertise to help the IRC move to a digital-first prospecting program. In a short period of time we’ve added hundreds of thousands of new donors largely due to Further’s strategic planning and advice.

Emily Martin
Digital Advertising Officer
International Rescue Committee
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Some brave non-profits are shifting to ‘digital-first’ fundraising strategies. Others are integrating digital into existing efforts to be omni-channel.  Others still operate in functional silo’s. Where do you fall? Feeling the need for smarter strategy to drive elusive growth?

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