Paid Search

Highly effective, but just one piece of the puzzle

Are You Getting the Most Out of Paid Search?

Perhaps the most powerful of all lower-funnel conversion channels, paid search is ignored or mismanaged at your own peril.

If your year-end paid search isn’t at a $2 CTA, we need to talk.

If your paid search and Grant are managed separately, we need to talk

If you’re a major non-profit brand seeking consistent and above-average online revenue growth, we need to talk

Paid search is the holy grail of attributable online fundraising when done right.  Discover how one Further client was able to improve combined results from paid search and Grant 10-fold by allowing Further to lend a hand. 

Further is a Google Premier Partner Agency – the only agency dedicated solely to non-profits to carry this distinction!

Further manages our digital display ads, paid Facebook advertising, and search/Grant. Together, our efforts have allowed CRS to grow digital revenue by double-digits every year. 

Laura Durington
Senior Manager of Digital Giving
Catholic Relief Services
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Optimizing Paid Search Opportunities

Paid search is one of the stronger lower-funnel conversion options available to digital marketers. With Further’s search experts, our clients are delivering major improvements to direct search conversions. How does your program stack up?

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