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Non-Profit Focused:  

Most non-profits still raise only 15% or less of total revenue online. Meanwhile offline channels are struggling to find enough new donors to offset attrition. From this dilemma, Further was born…

We aim to be the premier digital agency in achieving non-profits’ fundraising and advocacy goals at scale and cost-effectively. We want to be your organization’s partner to bridge the digital divide and foster the most intelligent and successful omni-channel marketing and fundraising strategies.

We understand all aspects of fundraising and we certainly do not use the terms ‘online’ or ‘digital’ interchangeably with ‘email fundraising’ as so many traditional agencies do. Nor do we believe that likes, retweets, shares, open rates, click-thru rates, or numerous other soft metrics are acceptable for program performance measurement.

A History of Direct Response:

Our sister-company, KAP, built its reputation by understanding non-profits, focusing on leveraging data and analytics, and being dedicated to responsive service and industry thought-leadership.  As a successful list brokerage company focused exclusively on non-profits, KAP developed highly specialized expertise in offline audience segmentation and media buying.

As the fundraising and marketing needs of non-profits evolved, Further was formed.  We are successfully taking our media buying, audience targeting, and analytics heritage and deploying it online to help clients prospect for new donors, convert existing donors to high-value sustainers, and drive greater overall revenue and value from constituent interactions.

As an unbiased and independent digital agency, Further is making online fundraising scalable and profitable for non-profits. 

Audience Expertise:  

Media consumption is the most fragmented and cross-device it has ever been. Attention spans are short. These are significant challenges for marketers with large budgets, not to mention non-profits who typically have budget limitations.

In the list world we used to have access to all the same lists as any other broker. In the digital world we have access to all the same tools and platforms as other agencies. What sets us apart?  It’s our ability to deliver actionable solutions that are tailored to individual situations and organizations. We simply work smarter.

The founders of Further cut their teeth on offline list brokerage, prospect modeling, and audience segmentation.  Decades of experience with direct response fundraising now influence Further’s deep understanding of the media landscape and set us apart from more traditional agencies.  Coupled with our intense commitment to measurable results and direct response methodologies, our expertise ensures that clients like you reach the right audiences, at the right time, on the right platforms.

Values, Ethics & Transparency

Further goes further when it comes to treating your dollar like our own. We don’t price-gouge customers, employ hidden mark-ups, or accept vendor ‘rebates’ or kick-backs. We believe in delivering industry-leading strategies at a fair price.

Our values are centered around our clients and include:

Customer Service


Intelligent Insights

Exceptional Execution

New Technologies Applied Strategically

Transparency & Trust

If you share these values in your work relationships, let’s chat!

These results are unbelievably satisfying.  The CPA's are insanely good!

Erica Best

Senior Manager, Direct Response
No Kid Hungry

We initially contracted Further for a search and Facebook pilot program and the results left no doubt that they would help us get to the next level.  We quickly expanded our scope with them.

Tricia Hart

Director of Direct Response
Amnesty International USA

We have an aggressive 5-year fundraising goal that is largely driven by digital. Further is the perfect partner to map out the strategy and help us achieve the results.

Diane Clifford

Director of Direct Response
No Kid Hungry

We tapped into Further’s expertise to help the IRC move to a digital-first prospecting program. In a short period of time we've added hundreds of thousands of new donors largely due to Further's strategic planning and advice.

Emily Martin

Digital Advertising Officer
International Rescue Committee

Further manages our digital display ads, paid Facebook advertising, and search/Grant. Together, our efforts have allowed CRS to grow digital revenue by double-digits every year. 

Laura Durington

Senior Manager of Digital Giving
Catholic Relief Services

Our fundraising efforts through Facebook & search are at historical highs. Further always brings smart ideas and solid execution to the table.

Keira Costic

Director of Web Marketing & Digital Acquisition
Defenders of Wildlife

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