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‘Like’ Us?  No, you’ll us!

Facebook is the major player in the social space for both donor acquisition and advocacy/lead-gen campaigns—but they aren’t the only game in town.

An old proverb says “Make hay while the sun is shining” and that’s Further’s approach with Facebook. We have tremendous success at utilizing donor segments, 3rd party data, interest targeting, and of course Facebook’s own look-a-like tools to drive more conversions at less cost.

Our in-house creative team knows how to turn a phrase, capture an emotion, curate just the right video assets, and develop the strongest creative possible to complement our targeting skills. How do we know? The way any dyed-in-the-wool direct marketer knows–test, test, test!

But smart fundraisers are well aware that Facebook is constantly evolving its products and not always to the benefit of your programs. It’s wise to constantly be testing new opportunities to guard against an unexpected move that could severely disrupt your marketing mix.

Whether you’re looking to build a sub-$2.00 CPL lead-gen campaign, trying to broaden your social reach and engagements, or aiming to raise $100K in revenue through social this quarter, Further can get the job done.

These results are unbelievably satisfying.  The CPA's are insanely good!

Erica Best

Senior Manager, Direct Response
No Kid Hungry

We initially contracted Further for a search and Facebook pilot program and the results left no doubt that they would help us get to the next level.  We quickly expanded our scope with them.

Tricia Hart

Director of Direct Response
Amnesty International USA

We have an aggressive 5-year fundraising goal that is largely driven by digital. Further is the perfect partner to map out the strategy and help us achieve the results.

Diane Clifford

Director of Direct Response
No Kid Hungry

We tapped into Further’s expertise to help the IRC move to a digital-first prospecting program. In a short period of time we've added hundreds of thousands of new donors largely due to Further's strategic planning and advice.

Emily Martin

Digital Advertising Officer
International Rescue Committee

Further manages our digital display ads, paid Facebook advertising, and search/Grant. Together, our efforts have allowed CRS to grow digital revenue by double-digits every year. 

Laura Durington

Senior Manager of Digital Giving
Catholic Relief Services

Our fundraising efforts through Facebook & search are at historical highs. Further always brings smart ideas and solid execution to the table.

Keira Costic

Director of Web Marketing & Digital Acquisition
Defenders of Wildlife

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