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If you’re looking to join a growing agency that is elevating charitable fundraising to a whole new level you’ve come to the right place!

Take your career Further…


At Further we are Driven by Data and Powered by PeopleTM. We’re always looking for smart people who can help us grow and provide unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Let’s be honest… talented people like you have lots of choices about what company you align with. The pandemic and recent (and long overdue) emphasis on social justice and diversity, equity and inclusion changed many people’s perspective about what makes work fulfilling.  Further gets that and here’s the top 4 (of many) reasons people want to work for us:


  • Our non-profit clients will make you feel more energized about the work you do.
  • Paid advertising is growing by 144% across non-profits. It’s where the action is at!
  • We’ve invested heavily in our company culture and pay close attention to team priorities.  If it’s a fit for you, you’ll never want to leave.
  • As a small, growing company, your internal growth potential is almost limitless.

Enough about us — we want to get to know you!  So….

  • If you’re a search savant, contact us and convert us into your biggest fan.
  • If you’re a social marketing genius, contact us and “share” your wisdom. Make us “like” you!
  • If you love nothing more than strategic planning, contact us and we’ll map out a plan for mutual success.

Current Positions Available:


Associate Account Director

Digital Media Manager



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