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Wondering what the right role is for your Grant?

Is Your Grant Strategy Working?

Ain’t free money grand?!  But then you need to decide how to spend it… Google is an inescapable, and largely positive, force for non-profits, but the Google Grant is a special beast. Historically non-profits have used the grant for traffic generation and the quality of said traffic was an after-thought—after all, we have to spend it all or they’ll take it away!

As of January 2018, the resources to effectively manage your Grant became even more taxed than before—the days of ‘set it and forget it’ are gone forever.  5%+ click-thru rates don’t happen automatically and most non-profits will benefit from Further’s strategic campaign setup, cross-management with paid search for the optimal outcomes, keyword research, and conversion optimization expertise.  It’s time to stop using the Grant as an after-thought or as your sole means of directed search.

We initially contracted Further for a search and Facebook pilot program and the results left no doubt that they would help us get to the next level.  We quickly expanded our scope with them.

Tricia Hart
Director of Direct Response
Amnesty International USA
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What are Google’s Plans for the Grant?

There have been lots of changes to the Grant program over the years and they aren’t always communicated in advance. What impact have these changes had for how the Grant is used, and what other changes may lie ahead?  We’re happy to share our thoughts and perspective.

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Paid Search & Google Grant

With all of Google’s restrictions on Grant usage, are you wondering how to best utilize it in today’s world?  Let us show you…

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