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Display as Direct Response

Prospecting, retargeting, audience onboarding, programmatic buying, trading desks, DSP’s, DMP’s, RTB strategies… the world of display advertising is certainly more than just pretty creative. It takes advanced audience targeting and specialized contact optimization to reach the right person at the right place and the right time.

Further demystifies the realm of display and treats this upper-funnel channel with a level of scrutiny that only a direct response fundraiser could love.

Our pilot campaigns are significantly more affordable than our competitors because our goal is to prove that display is a viable long-term investment opportunity for your organization.  If you have a 90-day window and a budget of $50K+, we can open your eyes to the opportunities and scale of direct response display.

(On the other hand, if your MarCom team has a large budget they are itching to spend on display, we’re happy to do that too because that’s just easy pickings and we’ll get it done right!)

We provide in-depth insights reports for continuous improvement opportunities, as well as being able to negotiate some of the best programmatic pricing in the industry due to our size in the space.  And we’re far down the path of proving the value of display via attribution solutions from simple to complex.

We tapped into Further’s expertise to help the IRC move to a digital-first prospecting program. In a short period of time we’ve added hundreds of thousands of new donors largely due to Further’s strategic planning and advice.

Emily Martin
Digital Advertising Officer
International Rescue Committee
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New Donor Acquisition

The lifeblood of many organizations is grassroots donors. They provide a reliable revenue stream and a pipeline for mid-level, major gifts, and legacy giving. But lower-funnel tactics can’t provide the scale needed for sustainable growth. Learn how Further makes digital prospecting scalable and optimizes ROI.

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