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Growth… it’s the essential nature of a business.  If you don’t acquire new donors natural attrition will make you irrelevant. Worse, without an increase in the number of supporters, you help fewer in need.  Learn how to grow further…

Catholic Medical Mission Board
Donor Acquisition
Non-Profit Category:
International Relief


Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) made an organizational decision to change digital agencies in January 2020 to improve online acquisition performance. New donor volume was the primary goal, but CMMB also established key performance thresholds around the quality of donors being acquired. While growth was the primary objective, as a smaller program they could not sacrifice ROI performance and therefore ROI was an important secondary KPI across paid advertising as a whole.

Further was enlisted to develop the strategic framework and create a profitable, scalable and learning-based digital program.


CMMB’s value proposition is found at the crossroads of religious values and meaningful global humanitarian work.Further leveraged the intersection of these focal points to drive exponentially more online donations than previous. At first, we leaned heavily on Facebook and customized ad copy and imagery to target prospects who valued and would be responsive to these two core tenets.

Further worked with the client to identify and plan for tent-pole campaign opportunities supplemented by evergreen messaging. We developed a fast-paced, iterative testing schema measuring the effectiveness of various weighting of humanitarian and religious imagery and ad copy.

Core to the success was an audience-first approach that tailored ad copy to specific audiences targeted for each campaign. Identifying new content opportunities was a major factor in growing the appeal of CMMB’s value-proposition to new audiences.

Further was able to expand reach while maintaining a consistently high average gift through media buying strategies that prioritized file growth without sacrificing ROI.


  • 270% growth in online new donors acquired year-over-year
  • 214% increase in Facebook revenue from new donors year-over-year against a 63% increase in spend
  • Year-over-year 61% improvement in Facebook CPA and 24% improvement in Paid Search CPA for new donors
  • 70% increase in Paid Search donations
  • 138% increase in upfront ROI for new donor acquisition efforts across Facebook and Paid Search